From Broker to Broker

To ensure that onOffice software continues to offer the best possible conditions, a group of onOffice experts have been set up to create a close network between onOffice and our customers.

For this purpose, the groups meet once a year at our company headquarters in Aachen to discuss our various software packages and their technical development with our executives. The group consists of a maximum of ten experts.

As a member of the expert group, you, as a real estate broker, influence the future of onOffice by assessing existing issues, discussing planned projects and developing new ideas and suggestions. These innovative ideas have added great value to the users of the software. This is due to the fact that the expert's group was developed for you and your colleagues!

If our concept suits you and you want to become part of our expert group, please contact And Yes: We are also available for any sorts of enquiries!

Experts Network

Rainer Scheurenbrand is a real estate economist at Wüstenrot Immobilien GmbH.

Rainer Scheurenbrand
Wüstenrot Immobilien GmbH

Gábor Török is responsible for network support and IT support at Poll Immobilien GmbH.

Gábor Török
von Poll Immobilien GmbH

Stefanie Langer also works with Poll Immobilien GmbH.

Stefanie Langer
von Poll Immobilien GmbH

"I found our meeting with the expert group extremely positive. We have discussed many interesting topics. The more network-wise people get together, the more benefit we will have in the end. I hope it will continue with the group of experts and the members will soon see each other again. "

Carsten Busch is the managing director of the DIV Deutscher ImmobilienberaterVerbund.

Carsten Bucksch
DIV Deutscher Immobilienberater Verbund GmbH

Andreas Laarmann is the Managing Director of FalcImmobilien GmbH & Co. KG.

Andreas Laarmann
Falc Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG

Christian Ammann is the owner and managing director of CENTURY 21 Germany.

Christian Ammann
CENTURY 21 Deutschland

Expert Group Middle Class

“"A powerful CRM is an elementary building block for us to work successfully. That is why we are looking forward to innovative further developments and are happy to contribute to the OnOffice expert meeting. I would particularly like to stress the importance of an open and constructive dialogue and a trustworthy framework. As practitioners, we like to give impulses and opinions on the implementation of planned tools and look forward to future developments."

Rainer Bethke is the owner of the company RheinProjekt Immobilien and is a specialist in the placement of residential properties in Ratingen with many years of experience. He is a professional in the real estate sector and sells real estate with guaranteed performance.

Rainer Bethke
Rhein Projekt Immobilien

"Like the parts of a Swiss watch, equipped with a network of various functions, the OnOffice expert meeting provides a very effective way to connect broker professionals with software developers. Thus, new developments of software modules can be tailor-made at brokerage offices and not developed monotonously. This is a conference that should continue to implement future trends in the real estate industry at an early stage of software evolution. "

Alexander Endres is an independent real estate broker and part of a company called Immoprofis. His areas of specialization are: renting, IT & social media, US tax deeds and real estate in Mallorca and Florida. He has great expertise and a profound overview of the real estate sector.

Alexander Endres
Die Immoprofis

Thorsten Hausmann has been working in the family business Werner Hausmann & Sohn Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH since 1970 and has been a partner since 1972. As a highly committed person, he is also a member of the IHK's Annual General Meeting in Lübeck and a pioneer in the world of online marketing for real estate. He is regarded as an expert in all consultancy matters regarding real estate topics.

Thorsten Hausmann
Hausmann Immobilien Beratung

Susanne Hoch is a real estate specialist at Martello Immobilien Management. She specializes in rental and WEG management.

Susanne Hoch
Martello Immobilienmanagement

Oliver Domes has been the Managing Director of Bonafide Immobilien GmbH for 5 years. In his company he works as a broker, house administrator and project developer. Oliver Domes is the person to contact for sales and financing. He has already gained a lot of experience in the real estate sector and has a lot of expert knowledge.

Oliver Domes
bonafide Immobilien GmbH

"The close and straightforward exchange between broker colleagues and software providers generates a platform for the constructive transfer of content, suggestions and ideas. Experiences and examples gained from the broker's day help bring about steady development and adaptation of software. This development is indispensable on both sides, as innovation and progression are necessary to keep up with the pulse of the times. We are pleased to be a part of the expert group and are happy to contribute or share our ideas."

Luisa Uhl (Immobilienkauffrau IHK) is part of the team of Berk Immobilien and looks after owners and buyers in and around Aschaffenburg.

Luisa Uhl
Berk Immobilien

Harald Vonhoegen is a real estate specialist (ILS) and an expert (BDSH) in Real Estate dealings. He is the owner of Immobilien Partner Aachen.

Harald Vonhoegen
Immobilien Partner Aachen

"The expert group has helped me very much over the years, as OnOffice has openly explained to me how decision-making processes take place. In addition, an exchange with other colleagues in the working group is very constructive. OnOffice has created an instrument with the expert group to involve brokers even before further or new software development and to get the response directly from the users out of the market. I am proud to be part of this and will make a tangible, well-meaning contribution. "

Jan Mettenbrink is the Managing Director of "Maison Immobilien". This was founded in 1997 and consists of 5 branches located throughout Germany. the catchment areas of these branches are Harburg, Lüneburg, Stade, Heidekreis and Berlin. The main activity is the sale of the self-owned real estate. Due to his many years of experience, he is a professional in his field.

Jan Mettenbrink
maison Immobilien

Sebastian Hucz has been successfully active as a real estate broker in Aachen for over 15 years. In the course of his supervisory board mandate, he works together with the OnOffice expert groups on the technical development of the OnOffice software.

Sebastian Hucz
PH Immobiliengesellschaft mbH

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