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El esfuerzo individual de cada uno de nuestros colaboradores se refleja en un buen resultado de equipo. Un equipo sólo puede tener éxito si todos los jugadores persiguen el mismo objetivo. onOffice tiene un equipo de expertos bien capacitados. Su ventaja: soluciones de software profesionales - en administración, soporte y marketing.

¡Permanezcamos juntos y hagamos posible sus deseos!

Customer Management Departments

The teams of the Customer Management Departments ensure an optimal interaction between customer care, acquisition and service on a national and international level. The management of the Customer Management Departments takes care of a smooth flow between the individual subareas.

The Customer Management is divided into the following subareas:

Sales Germany | Sales International | Customer Care | Customer Success | Support

Sales Germany

How useful is an excellent product if no one knows it? That's why our sales staff do their best to convince you of the advantages of the onOffice solutions. As strikers, they control the field perfectly, secure the goals and are decisive for the success of the company. Your advantage: a personal contact person who always keeps you up to date on product innovations.

We know your region: With our focus on the different areas of Germany, we act close to the customer and know what is happening on the market. We know what special characteristics your region brings with it and can focus entirely on you and your needs.

Sales Germany Management

As the head of the Sales Team Germany, Sales Management ensures that all internal processes run in a structured and orderly manner, without losing track of facts and figures. Thanks to years of experience in the sales area and also at onOffice, the Sales Management knows the concerns of the customers and also the employees very well.

Team Management

We know your local area: With our focus on the various regions of Germany, we operate close to our customers and know what is currently happening in the market. We know what special features your region entails and can fully engage with you and your needs.

Team South | Team West | Team Middle & East | Team North

Business Division Real Estate Agents Germany | South

Business Division Real Estate Agents Germany | West

Business Division Real Estate Agents Germany | Middle & East

Business Division Real Estate Agents Germany | North

Sales International

Other countries, other habits. Our international employees know exactly what the current state of the real estate market of the respective nation is and adapt to the needs of international brokers. Of course, our international employees are also active for you on site and look forward to getting to know you.

Sales International Management

Sales International Management maintains an overview of the wide range of international sales activities and controls the internal processes involved. New sales strategies are developed, tested and implemented in a constant exchange with the experts at the various locations. Market observation and analysis is another important aspect in this division, in order not to lose track of what is happening in the market.

International Business Management

Financial International

A financial institution has different requirements for a CRM system than a real estate agent - we know these and are happy to implement them together with you. We map your wishes in our system and submit an offer tailored exactly to you.




United Kingdom



Customer Care

A personal customer relationship is very important to us: Therefore, our Customer Care team takes care of the heart of onOffice, namely our customers! Do you have any requests, a personal concern or do you need advice regarding products, events or similar? Our Customer Care team will be happy to take care of it.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team guides you through the initial phase of using our software. From the regular setup of your software to training courses and the transfer of your data, our colleagues from the Customer Success Team are your contacts for a smooth start with onOffice enterprise.

Our Customer Success Team is divided into the following areas:

Department Management | Project Management | Delivery | Quality Assurance – Customer Success | Coaching & Trainings

Department Management

Our department management has many years of experience in project management and thus knows the challenges of a wide variety of customers. As contact persons, they are in constant exchange with their own team, thus creating a pleasant working atmosphere, achieving an optimal throughput time of projects and always keeping the needs of the customers and the team in mind.

Project Management

Our project managers make it easier for you to get started with onOffice enterprise right from the start. They support customers who are working with a CRM system for the first time as well as customers who have been using another software provider for years and are now switching to onOffice enterprise. In addition, our project managers offer you individual consultations, determine your personal need for improvement together with you in analysis workshops and consulting sessions, and thus get the best for you.


Our delivery team enables you to start with the software in the best possible way. During initial setup meetings, we work with each new customer to set up onOffice enterprise so that you can get started right away. In addition, we create all documents for you - from exposés to letter templates.

Quality Assurance – Customer Success

The Quality Assurance team ensures the smooth overall operation of the Customer Success department and acts as an interface between other departments. In addition, we plan your corporate training and take a close look at all possible documents or websites. In this way, we achieve a high level of quality assurance.

Coaching & Trainings

Solution-oriented, flexible and mobile are the new buzzwords for everyday professional life. Use onOffice enterprise perfectly for you in the adapted scope and use the real estate CRM software efficiently in your everyday work. Open and individual trainings of our Academy will surely help you.


We are happy to help you! Our support team is there to help you with any questions, requests or individual requirements with numerous tips and tricks. Whether individual brokers, small businesses or networks - we cater to all our customers and are happy to find answers for you.

Our support team is divided into the following areas:

Department Management | Technical Support | Customer Solutions

Department Management

Technical Support

Your question - our support knows the answer. You would like to deal more intensively with onOffice enterprise? You need a good tip to optimize the handling of your website? At any time the support team is ready for you, takes your suggestions and researches until you as a customer are satisfied with the result.

Customer Solutions

With individual support, we ensure the long-term success of our major customers.

Marketing - ¡sí podemos!

Claro, marketing es un término bien conocido. El departamento de marketing de onOffice es responsable de la comunicación general. Es el nombre de la plataforma de contacto para la prensa y los medios de comunicación. Nos encargamos de los medios de comunicación impresos y en línea de onOffice, desde volantes hasta boletines, desde la información digital hasta todo tipo de campañas y eventos. Además, mantenemos un ojo en los sucesos relacionados con las ramas.

onOffice Academy

Training courses are planned, organized and implemented in our onOffice Academy. We always keep an eye on current market developments and offer webinars on software and the most important topics in the international real estate industry. The transfer of knowledge to customers and interested parties comes first.

Diseño web: ¡es todo tuyo!

Su diseño y estructura es la primera impresión visual que reciben sus clientes. Es como la caña de pescar que tiras al mundo. Para que podamos entender su perfil y su visión, nos gusta tener un contacto personal de primera mano. El diseño y el seguimiento del proceso de implementación requiere de su retroalimentación. Nos esforzamos por lograr una apariencia profesional y única de su negocio. Somos felices, cuando tú eres feliz!

Online Marketing

Our online marketing team plans and implements digital campaigns for onOffice and customer websites. Whether classic search engine optimization, SEA, social media support or creative texts: Our team is at home in the world of online marketing and supports brokers in all relevant disciplines. We develop customized strategies for our clients' online presence that generate more traffic and leads.

Nuestra oficina de administración

Nuestra administración es un pilar fundamental para el buen desarrollo de nuestro negocio. Tanto si busca información general como si tiene dudas sobre el software, estamos deseosos de servirle como primer punto de contacto. Le conducimos a una persona de contacto y a un departamento apropiado. No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros!

Finance & Accounting

Numbers are their world: In our Finance & Accounting team, all tasks concerning accounting are taken care of. Whether it's invoices, incoming payments or checking accounts: this is where the smooth organization of onOffice's finance and accounting is managed.

Recursos Humanos y Desarrollo

onOffice se esfuerza por crecer continuamente y llegar a ser mejor y mejor en todas partes. Un departamento recientemente establecido se centra en todos los aspectos de los recursos humanos, la contratación de nuevos empleados y el desarrollo continuo de la empresa para convertirse en el líder del mercado de software inmobiliario.

Desarrollo - desarrollamos herramientas para su éxito

¿Está interesado en aprovechar las sinergias? Lo hacemos, por lo que fomentamos la relación entre el software inteligente y un medio digital que los distribuye de forma óptima. Nuestros técnicos están constantemente desarrollando características que hacen su trabajo diario más eficiente y muestran nuevas formas de éxito. Nuestros programadores conocen muy bien el mercado y hacen todo lo posible para mantener actualizados sus productos onOffice.

IT Orga

The IT Orga team manages and controls projects and processes in the entire IT & Development area with the aim of ensuring the best possible quality and scheduling and further optimizing processes.

Software Development & Operation

The Software Development & Operation department is responsible for the further development, maintenance, care and quality assurance of the software. New functions, modules and adaptations are developed in cooperation with our product management. In the Operations and Maintenance areas, releases and beta uploads are carried out, bugs are fixed and the software is continuously optimized at its core. In order to be able to offer our customers a fully developed product range, our Quality Assurance department tests all innovations. Here, all features are put through their paces and documented before they are launched on the market.

Una buena administración es indispensable

Dado que la infraestructura de TI es uno de los componentes más importantes de una empresa de software, debe gestionarse con diligencia y gran cuidado. El equipo de administración de onOffice tiene la experiencia necesaria para garantizar la seguridad diaria y la accesibilidad de todos los servicios de onOffice. Al mismo tiempo, apoyan a todo el equipo de onOffice, incluso en el caso de problemas menores.

Data migration

Gestión de productos significa "todo incluido".

Nosotros somos los que somos buenos equilibrando el negocio diario y las tareas estratégicas y conceptuales subyacentes. Tenemos el mejor control de los mercados y productos relacionados, así como de las áreas funcionales de onOffice. Benefíciese de nuestra amplia visión de conjunto y de nuestros conocimientos actualizados.

Project & Process Controlling

The Project & Process Controlling team is responsible for project controlling and process quality across all areas of onOffice. The team's mission is to identify potential for improvement and implement it through optimization projects.

Security & Privacy

For all our security: We take the topics of data protection and IT security very seriously and have been treating them with increasing importance over the past few years.

Equipo de atención - ángeles diligentes en acción

Nuestro equipo de atención es una parte importante del equipo de onOffice. La mano de obra competente nos permite crear un ambiente de trabajo productivo. El equipo de atención garantiza un bienestar general y constante en nuestras instalaciones.

Gestión - la clave del éxito

Un buen equipo no puede tener éxito sin un liderazgo competente. El jefe de nuestra empresa proporciona los objetivos estratégicos y ofrece una gestión empresarial orientada a los objetivos. En comparación con el deporte: el entrenador determina el uso efectivo de todos los recursos, mientras que todo el equipo asegura y desarrolla la calidad de sus servicios.

Asistente del Consejo de Administración

Nuestros asistentes trabajan en conjunto con la junta directiva, el jefe de onOffice. Son un pilar importante de la empresa, ya que no sólo ayudan en el día a día de los negocios, sino que garantizan el buen funcionamiento de todas las tareas internas y externas. Además, coordinan los proyectos interdepartamentales de la empresa.

Consejo de Administración - nuestros expertos consultores

El papel más importante de nuestro Consejo de Administración es asesorar al Consejo de Administración y aprobar las transacciones comerciales importantes. A través de un intercambio regular con la Junta Directiva, nuestra Junta Supervisora es informada sobre el desarrollo, la estrategia y la planificación de negocios.

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